Another outstanding year of scientific activity

Datos 2014Year after year the researchers at the park are taking their scientific activity to new heights. Once again, 2014 smashed the previous records for number of original publications and percentage of foreign speakers at the PRBB.

In 2014, researchers at the PRBB centres participated in 1,218 original articles. The outstanding number of publications in high-impact journals demonstrates the quality of the research: 14 in Nature, 8 in Science, 4 in Cell, 3 in The Lancet and 2 in The New England Journal of Medicine. All in just one year. Research involving key contributions by the PRBB animal facility staff resulted in 7 publications in 2014.

The 334 scientific conferences at the park included 211 speakers (63%) from external institutions in 21 different countries. The main countries represented were the USA (59), the UK (25), France (20), Switzerland (14) and Germany (13). The international institutions with the most speakers were the University of Cambridge in the UK (7), Harvard and Columbia University in the USA (4 each), and ETH in Zürich (4). There was also an outstanding contribution by speakers from private companies (11).


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