Commitment to good scientific practice

??????????????????????On October 15, the directors of the PRBB and the seven research centres located in the park signed the new edition of the Code of Good Scientific Practice. The Code sets out the norms and quality standards expected of scientists today. 14 years after it was first introduced, the substantially revised 5th edition has just been published.

The new code has been delivered to all laboratories in the park. A digital version of the new code is available at, where you can also download it in PDF format.

A Good Scientific Practice (GSP) working group was created a year ago with  representatives from all the centres to coordinate activities in research integrity across all centres. The group has been updating the code over the last year, whilst sharing learning experiences and good practice in scientific integrity. Now, the GSP working group will organise regular cross-institute educational initiatives at the PRBB to increase awareness and provoke discussion about research integrity issues. These activities will complement the compulsory course on good scientific practice that all UPF biomedical PhD students and some Master’s students currently take. The GSP working group can be contacted at

In 2014 the registration and delivery of lab books to researchers at the centres continued in compliance with the Code of Good Scientific Practice of the PRBB. The Consortium manages the delivery and keeps a record of all books. Last year a total of 302 lab books (328 in 2013) were given to researchers at CRG (111),  UPF (104), IMIM (65), IBE (20) and CREAL (2).


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