The vision, mission and values of the PRBB Consortium

In 2014 the directors of the departments and the management held several meetings to determine the vision, mission and values of the Consortium. The values were selected in a session using a technique by Simon Dolan. Below we present the final result.

Vision: The Consortium PRBB provides an open scientific infrastructure so that the institutions of the park can perform biomedical research that is internationally competitive.

Mission: The Consortium PRBB contributes to create the best conditions so that the scientific community of the park is successful.

Specific missions:

Facility management: The Consortium maintains and adapts the scientific spaces according to the needs of the institutions of the park in a sustainable, efficient and collaborative manner, providing a quality service.

Animal facility: The animal facility has the aim to continuously improve its services to internal and external customers, in collaboration with the users’ committee and the animal facility of PCB-UB.

Communication and PR: The Consortium promotes the PRBB as one of the leading centers of biomedical research to the outside and manages the dialogue with the general public in collaboration with the institutions of the park. It also develops activities for residents to create community.

The PRBB Consortium also promotes value-added activities for residents in the areas of education, social activities and scientific meetings.









About PRBB Communications

We lead biomedical translational research in Southern Europe